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Doors and Windows

One of the first things people want to replace when considering energy upgrades for thier  home are doors and windows also one of the most common maintenance items because they are holes in you shell. I have been working in Ketchikan for 6 years and have come to understand the importance of a proper installation. 


I have replaced a few dozen roofs in my 6 years here metal, asphalt, lexan, or rolled roofing no matter what you want we can do it. Also we understand that not everyone is rich with money to burn and roofing fails eventually so no matter your budget if you have a leak and need it to stop we can help even if its attaching a tarp to make it through the season till your budget permits we are here for you the customer.


There are a few options When choosing the siding for your home and it usually boils down to style. Many to choose from Concrete(hardi) plank, beveled cedar, cedar shake, concrete shake style, tongue and groove, T1-11, metal varieties, and vinyl. No matter the style you choose count on Ketchikan Home Improvement to put Quality and Durability into your vocabulary about your house.

Rot Repair

If there is one thing water does to wood its start decomposition, and when you can not see the damage because it is tucked behind your siding, under doors and windows, it is usually too late to just correct the issue. The fix starts with demo of the rotten wood then clean up and work your way back to the minor flashing the last guy figured caulking could fix. We pride ourselves in being students of building science and love to learn. I will not claim to know it all but i can learn about it. Rot is one of the more interesting aspects of my craft. that's because the cause is not always readily available and requires investigation and theory to solve on occasion. 

Energy Saving

The first thing most people think of when saving energy is new windows or drafty doors but the biggest improvements are made where you don't usually go attics crawl spaces and the biggest improvement is just stopping the warm air from getting out. If you would like a free consultation on the energy performance of your home give me a call. I've worked for Ketchikans premiere weatherization contractor  for 6 years it is the family business I have attended over 120 hours of specialized courses directed at making your home more efficient.  


When you make the decision to remodel your home what do you look for in a contractor? Reliable, Available and Ability are what most folks say. 

Why choose Ketchikan Home Improvement?

What we do.

It is The Ketchikan Home Improvement vision create a company that not only provides top notch service to its  customers, but to also be a challenging workplace where employees earn a wage worthy of their skills. The problem here is Ketchikan has a licensed bonded insured contractor for probably every 25 residents. that creates issues because the majority of which are specialty contractors and would not be covered with bonding on over 50% of the work they complete. So through profit sharing and LLC membership we plan to gather  Handful of Ketchikan's finest craftsman that's why we are going to be comfortable In offering our 10 year limited warranty. So whatever renovation project your preparing to tackle consider Ketchikan Home Improvement. Foundations, Framing, Sheeting, Weather Barriers properly installed, Insulation also Properly installed. ( two of the things I see crews cut corners most often because they cannot be seen but improper installation can cause a lot of damage in 5-10 years.) Sheet Rock Painting Doors Windows Decking Interior trim Exterior trim. Siding(Hardy, Metal, Cedar lap and shake, T&G) Roofing Shingles Metal    

What you can expect.

If you choose us for your home renovation, you can expect a professional. Well, to be honest probably some rock and roll and maybe a break out air guitar solo. Our jobs get done right we are proud to call it our's that is what every client deserves. We do not cut corners and do not skip steps. Because when you replace your doors/windows, siding, roof, whatever it is you expect them to last. We guarantee they will and offer 10 YEAR limited warranty on our craftsmanship if your new doors/windows are leaking,  call us and we will be out to fix it within one week at most, you will see us within 24 hours and usually within 2 hours Indeed we ensure that no matter the job, our quality and durability will stand to the test of mother nature. Here in Ketchikan 80mph winds and rain that falls sideways are a common occurrence we stand by our guarantee because we take the environment into consideration for every project.   We love our jobs and enjoy the challenge our environment provides if you ever have any problem with the work performed or one of our employees just bring your issue to the attention of the lead carpenter on site or contact me directly and your issues will be addressed as quickly as that. Communication is key to completing our jobs that's because we are building it for you and you know what you want or don't for that matter.

Your the Boss

We may work for ourselves but when it comes down to it you call the shots. So if you dont like what you see or want to change a couple details let us know the goal is to bring every customer closer to thie r dream home or at a minnimum make sure every home is more comfortable and durable now that is has the Ketchikan Home Improvement seal of approval.

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Owner operated

I started KHI because i knew that if all i do is Complete every job 100% and give every customer exactly what they wanted. I Would be a success as long as i hired an accountant. I have lived here 6 years and grown to love the this little town and the wet green climate. My mission is to provide 1 on 1 service for my clients i dedicate my time to one project at a time and bring my passion for creation. If there is one thing most contractors in Ketchikan lack it a passion for there profession. I think my self an artist mostly because a quote i once read.Some would even say i am talented. I pay attention to the little things and really care about my work and have a passion for it.. I will post pictures to my website as they become available.. "The man who works with his hands is a laborer, the man who works with hand and his mind is a craftsman, and the man who works with his hands his mind and his heart is an artist. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Well lets face it you cant make everyone happy but what we can do is respond to all client inquiry with honesty and respect and guarantee that my work will last longer than most and if my product fails where others wouldn't because of an error or oversight made by me or my employees I will fix it at my cost guaranteed. There is fine print to every guarantee ask me for a copy. But the fact of the matter is if I am at fault I will make it right.